Beard Transplantation

Beard Transplantation

 Recently, the beard has become more common among men. Hair and beard are the accessories that the man can bring himself to the fore and reflect his mood. After hair transplantation, the fast-growing beard cultivation in the world is performed with FUE technique.

 The most appropriate hair for the beard is determined from the area of the back side of head and without any pain, they are collected to be implanted without any cutting.

 Collected hair, before being planted in rare hair areas; The areas to be implanted are anesthetized by local anesthesia and the patient is provided with no pain. In this way, the patient gets a new beard without feeling any pain.

 After local anesthesia, hair transplantation begins and an operation lasts between 2-4 hours. At the end of this operation you can say “hi” to your new beard.

 You can’t shave for 10 days after the procedure. Therefore, you must have made the necessary arrangements in your workplace and social activities in terms of the timing of the transaction.

 The hairs begin to fall out about two weeks later. There’s nothing to worry about. After about three months, the hairs begin to grow again. After these three months, you will have the beard you dreamed of.

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