There are many factors that cause hair loss. Familial factors, deficits in blood values (vitamin deficiency), hormonal disorders (such as goiter), stressful work conditions and irregular life style are included. For such reasons, we use hair growth or strengthening treatments for our hair to be as before. If we’re not late enough to add hair, we can use the booster treatment procedures.

 By slowing the hair loss at an early age, permanent hair loss can be prevented. However, with the progression of age in people with familial hair loss, it is inevitable to have hair strand losses and balding. In such cases, hair transplantation will provide a permanent solution to the problem.

Mesotherapy and PRP

 Hair mesotherapy is the treatment of direct application of various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants with the help of small needles to help feed the hair follicles. Hair mesotherapy enables the hair follicle to feed the tissue that is needed and regulates the circulation, making the hair turn into a live, bright, fast-growing and slowly hair loss.

 Hair mesotherapy is usually carried out once a week or once per 10 days for 5 sessions. Then, 3 treatment sessions are added once a month. Treatment should be continued every 3 months to ensure the successful outcome. Immediately after mesotherapy, scalp shows slight redness and mild itching. These symptoms disappear completely within a maximum of 1 day.

 In some cases, the success rate can be increased when combined with hair mesotherapy and PRP treatment. PRP treatment is the injection of small serum, which is rich in growth factors, into hair follicles. It is a natural treatment without side effects because it is done with the patient’s own blood. It is usually administered 2 to 4 weeks and 3 to 4 treatment sessions.

Who Can Have Mesotherapy Treatment

Hair Loss for Men (androgenetic alopecia)
(Traction on forehead)
(Alopecia areata)
Hair Loss After Giving Birth
More common hair loss in women (diffuse alopecia)
Some skin diseases (psoriasis, lichen, seborrheic dermatitits) 

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