Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

After the hair transplant treatment carried out in a completely sterile and hygienic environment, the implanted areas should be kept clean with great care. Hair washing, which is just as important as hair transplant, is an easy process that should be done even without a missing a day. About 10 days after hair transplant, the scabs appear and the patients have to get rid of them. The hair washing process, which should not be missed even a day for about 15 days, is of great importance for keeping hygiene of donor area and implanted area after hair transplant.

How many days after hair transplant should I start washing my head?

The first wash should be performed 3 days after the hair transplant operation. Hair washing should be done daily until the 15th day. During this time, you will get rid of the scabs on the transplanted area.


What are the stages of hair washing?

Hair washing process consists of two main headings. These main headings;

  • Steps during the first 10 washings
  • Steps after 10th wash


How to do the first 10 washings?
During the first 10 washings after the hair transplant operation, the area where the hair follicles are transplanted should not be touched. It is okay to touch the donor area slowly with your fingertips.


How to do the washings after the 10th wash?
After the hair transplant operation, after the 10th wash, scabs will begin to form in this area. You should get rid of these scabs. For this, you can get rid of these scabs by applying a very slow massage with your fingertips when shampoo is applied. You should never massage it hard by scratching it or with our fingers. Otherwise, you may cause damage and removal of hair follicles.

The hair washing process consists of three stages. These;

  1. Lotion application (30 minutes)
  2. Lotion cleansing of the areas with warm water with the help of a bowl
  3. Shampoo application (1-2 minutes) 
  4. Again with the help of a bowl of warm water to shampoo the areas 
  5. Drying with hair dryer

How to apply lotion after hair transplantation? (Steps 1 and 2)

Lotion, which is started to be used on the 3rd day after hair transplantation, is a product in foam format. After squeezing the implanted area and donor area, wait for approximately 30 minutes. Hair transplant area should not be touched. Otherwise, the transplanted hair follicles may dislodge. You can gently massage the donor area with your fingertips. After completing 30 minutes, these areas are cleaned from the lotion with a bowl of warm water. Never use pressurized water. Otherwise, the hair follicles that have been implanted may be damaged.


How to apply shampoo? (Steps 3 and 4)

After the first stage of the lotion is completed, it is time to use shampoo. After foaming the shampoo we received in the palm of our hands, you need to leave these foams to the hair transplant area and donor area. You should leave the foams without touching the hair transplanted area. You can massage the donor area with your fingertips.

How is drying applied? (Step 5)

The last step is drying with the help of a hair dryer. You can dry the hairdryer by holding it not too close to the area where the hair was transplanted and the donor area.

Can I dry my head with a towel after washing?

During the first 15 days you will definitely not dry with any material such as towel, cotton etc. If you try to dry your head with such products, the hair follicles can get attached in these products and come out. This situation can cause a situation that annoys you during hair growth. 15 days after hair transplant, it is OK to use these towel.



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