There is no surgical intervention in hair transplantation with FUE method. Therefore, FUE method is preferred for those who want to have hair transplant procedure. In general, the method is to take the hair follicles from some areas of the back side of head and to transplant those hair follicles to bald areas. There is no surgical intervention, no scar on the donor area and it is a painless procedure and it is a widely used method worldwide. Aykut Seyhan and his team successfully apply FUE hair transplantation to their patients and receive very successful results.

The Stages of Hair Transplantation With Micro FUE Technique

 Before starting hair transplantation, our specialists will inform you about areas to be transplanted by drawing your hair line and labeling the areas.

  1. After drawing and labeling the areas, your hair will be shaved off.

  2. Your head will be anesthesia by Comfort-in (Needle-free Injection System).

  3. Grafts will be taken with micromotor from recipient area (donor area).

  4. After harvesting (extracting) the grafts from recipient area, The implanter penetrates the skin making a minimal incisions. This stage is done to determine the angles of hair and to have a natural, dense look.

  5. The harvested (extracted) grafts will be transplanted one by one to the incisions. Single grafts will be transplanted to front line in order to have a natural look. Double and triple grafts will be transplanted as groups to labeled areas.

  6. When hair transplantation finishes, recipient area (donor area) will be cleaned and transplanted area will be kept open.

  7. The day after, you will be taken to the hospital for primary care.

  8. Our specialists will give you the medications and care products you will use.

  9. After giving the necessary information to protect your hair health, hair transplantation process will be completed.


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