Thanks to the routing of the incisions opened by this method, the result of implantation is both more intense and more natural than the other systems.

This technique is carried out with special prepared scalpels before each process according to the thickness of the prepared grafts. LATERAL SLIT method is one of the advanced implanting techniques in hair transplantation. Intensive labor, experience and appropriate material requirements are in the foreground.

Thin scalpels used for opening the incisions are prepared specifically for hair – graft thickness and planned surgery. With this method, incisions are opened with much smaller angles than other methods. Especially in those who have thin skin, it gives advantages in planting on the frontal area.

Thanks to these specially prepared thin blades, it is possible to imitate the natural angles of your hair. It is especially important for the naturalness of the line in sections close to the hairline.

Since the depth of the incisions opened by these scalpels is adjusted according to the root length of the prepared grafts, there is no risk of deep opening of the incisions. This removes us from the possibility of damaging the superficial thin veins of other materials that can be opened deeper.

The diameter of the incisions corresponds exactly with the grafts. Therefore, the improvement is faster than with other materials, and then there is no difference (pit or swelling) from the skin on the surface.

  • Due to the characteristics of the hair array in the grafts implanted with this method, the coverage of the implanted hair is higher than the other orientation methods.
  • The possibility of grafting on one another is less frequent than the other (sagittal) method, thus allowing frequent placement.
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