In the simplest sense, we can call it needle hair implantation. Along with technological advances, new hair transplantation techniques and the development of existing techniques have accelerated. Percutaneous is slightly different compared to other hair transplantation techniques. In percutaneous hair transplantation technique, the incisions that are opened to the area where hair will be implanted are opened round with needles. Since the incisions are very thin, hair transplantation seems to be very frequent and natural.

Advantages of percutaneous hair transplantation;

  • High density of hair transplantation procedure
  • Fast recovery
  • Less Hair Loss
  • Natural look
  • Better frontal line

 Since very thin incisions are opened to the area to be transplanted, maximum hair follicle can be implanted and this provides us with high density hair transplantation.

 In this way, naturalness is provided much better. The fact that frequent hair transplantation can be easily applied in the desired areas provides a much more natural look on the hair. With high density of hair transplantation, it is possible to have a natural looking hair similar to the old hair structure.

 In addition, very thin incisions can be healed much faster than incisions opened by other methods. Incisions with thin structures are recovering faster after the operation. Since there is a rapid healing process, postoperative side effects are also minimal.

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