With the rapid progress of technology, new concepts are created that benefit people. Sapphire technique is a technological exploration that gives great benefit to people in hair transplantation. The success rate of hair transplanted by FUE method is very high. The fact that the hair follicles are not damaged and the areas that are implanted are both natural and painless means that FUE hair transplantation is accepted by doctors and patients. The natural results obtained by FUE, which was already successful, have made this success one step further by using sapphire-tipped special devices with sapphire fue hair transplantation method.

Incision opening is very important in hair transplantation. Thickness, frequency and depth of these channels are the concepts that ensure the success of hair transplantation. A FUE hair transplant made with classic metal slit is never the same with a sapphire slit.

FUE with sapphire tip is an innovation applied in FUE method, not a technique in itself. Small micro incisions are designed to accelerate the minimal crust formation and healing process.

Benefits of Sapphire Technique

FUE method with sapphire tip can be used more frequently than metal slit method. This makes it possible to apply to patients with hair loss in the later stages.

Due to the small opening of the incisions for transplantation, the post-operative tissue healing is faster than the metal slit, and most importantly, it is a smooth bonding on the skin.

Since the hair follicles are implanted into the incisions of their size at the most natural angle, there is no possibility that the follicles will dislodge and the angle settings will change.

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